Pizza is in our souls

Amano might be our first business but it's not our first time making pizza. Pizza has been in our family for a very long time but always having worked at someone else's restaurant. It was time to branch out on our own, and we found South Amboy Pizza Palace!

South Amboy Pizza Palace was once a great pizzeria but due to misfortune it was closed. The inside was trashed and left in quite a sad state. We, however, had a vision. We could envision what others couldn't and got to work. Amano Pizza was born!


It's all thanks to you, the customer.

As great as our food and ambitions are to make the best pizza in South Amboy, that isn't possible without the support of our family, the customers. You'll notice we use the word family - Family in Italy is everything ,and our customers mean everything to us. We wholeheartedly thank you all for helping us realize our dream and allow us to cook for you.

-Amano Management